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Our Unicorn Pact

Unicorns are really cool,

we do our best

and come to school.

Always helping when we can,

making everyone our friend.

Unicorns we do not fight,

we show respect, we are polite.

Unicorns are proud to say

"We make a difference everyday!"

Union Ave. Elementary

Steeped in tradition...

Union Avenue Elementary School opened 129 years ago. We are the fifth oldest school is Los Angeles.

When constructed in 1890, Los Angeles was a town of only 50,000 residents. Surrounded by oil towers during the 1920's, the original school, which faced Union Avenue, had only 14 classrooms. After the building was destroyed by a fire in 1949, Union expanded to hold its current population of 1120 students.

Our faculty and staff of 117 provide rigorous instruction in 51 classrooms, as well as services to students and families with diverse needs.

About Our School


Austin Beutner


Local District Superintendent

Roberto A. Martinez



Veronica Herrera Lynch


Assistant Principals

Alicia Trent, AP

Daniella Williams, APEIS



49 Classrooms/Teachers

Intervention Coordinator  

Instructional Coach

Title III Coach

TSP Instructional Advisor

Resource Teachers


Psychiatric Social Worker

School Nurse

Speech Pathologist

2 Visual Arts Teachers



1,120 Students


Core Curriculum Programs

Benchmark Advance

My Math

Social Studies (Scott Foresman)

McGraw-Hill Health & Wellness

Foss Science


Opportunities for Parental Involvement

School Site Council

Parent Advisory Councils

Valet Program

Classroom Volunteers

Parent Meetings (Select Wednesdays)


Please contact the parent center if you would like to participate.

Mr. Leonard Rodriguez,  Parent Rep.

(213) 483-1345