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DATE : 8/30/18

2:30 - 3:30

A day to welcome back our families and share California Content Standards expectations for the specific grade.

Grade-level brochures in English and Spanish can be found at the website:

Open House

Date : 3/21/19

2:30 - 3:30

Parents have the opportunity to see work samples and students may present projects to parents.

Parent Conferences/ Reporting Periods/ MISIS

Parent and teachers discuss the academic and social progress of students.


Parent Conference Weeks

November 5 - 9, 2018

February 25 - March 1, 2019


Reporting Period

1st Period : Aug 14 - Nov 2

2nd Period : Nov 5 - Feb 22

3rd Period : Feb 25 - June 7


MISIS Grade Entry

1st Reporting Period

Oct 18 - Nov 9

2nd Reporting Period

Feb 7 - March 1

3rd Reporting Period

May 16 - June 7



What's Going On?

Psychiatric Social Worker

Please welcome our new PSW, Ana Vasquez, to Union Avenue. She is with us Monday - Friday, in Ms. Guerra's former office. Ana is eager to get to know us and our students. So don't hesitate to say hi and make her feel at home.


P.E. Teacher

For the year 2018-19, we have been assigned a yearlong PE teacher, Ms. Manchan, thanks to a grant funded by the PETIP program (Physical Education Teacher Itinerant Program). Every Wednesday, our visiting PE Teacher will work with selected teachers in grades 1-5, modeling quality physical education lessons. The classroom teachers will follow those lessons for the rest of the week with their students. The goal is to have classroom teachers learn the content knowledge and skills to teach quality physical education with confidence by the end of the PETIP program.

So please be aware of certain play areas that have been guarded off with cones. Make your students aware of these reserved areas, so they don't interrupt the PE lessons.


Are Language Frames Good for English Learners?

Language frames, also called Sentence Frames, are recommended as a way of providing support for English learners in oral discussions and writing.  Some suggestions for using sentence frames effectively are to differentiate frames to match students' proficiency levels.  Frames are designed to help students use appropriate academic language and promotes expression and growth when the frames are differentiated.   Language frames are valuables tools that support English learners in expressing their ideas orally and in writing.


PSA Counselor

Union Ave has a new PSA Counselor (Pupil Services and Attendance). Please welcome Ms. Elizabeth Lagunas, who will be at Union on Mondays only. 


The role of the PSA is to assist in tackling underachievement by working in partnership with families, parents, carergivers and students to have full access to educational opportunities and overcome barriers to learning and participation.

DIBELS 2018-19

BOY - Aug 14 - Sept 21

MOY - Nov 26 - Feb 15

EOY - May 1 - June 7

Visual Arts Teacher

We're happy to welcome back Ms. Isabel Martinez, who worked with some of our students last year to create the fabulous mural on our South Building. Once again, this year she will be working with select students to create another wonderful project. Ms. Martinez will be here on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Music Teacher

This year, our visiting Music Teacher, Kate Ivanjack, will be here on Thursdays to work with select classrooms in Kinder - 3rd Grade.